Did you know ISIS has beheaded almost 40 people!

ISIS is a terrorist group in the middle east that is getting the us citizens to join them they are mostly Muslim extremest that want all none Muslim states to burn the us has found out and have planted spy's in cells of the groups and they have found out that there is almost 400 us and English people all together in that group.

Obama not doing anything?!

Obama is scared

Obama has not don't anything about ISIS and the death threats have still kept coming from ISIS and Obama has said nothing about ISIS and no missions from U.S. to stop ISIS

ISIS is using race and religion to not die.

In the first beheading video jihad john says that Allah will get all not Muslim and the united states will burn and crumble from them sent by god and funded by the U.S. and if killed more will come from Allah hands and get payback for who knows what...

why Isis want the U.S to crumble

the leader of ISIS has been a prisoner of the U.S once before and they let him go and he said once they let him go he said see you on September 9 in two years

Isis is training children

i will show you the pictures below

ISIS training children

as you can see ISIS is running out of people so they are training children.