The War of 1812

My perspective on the war By: Brian Hoang

5 Facts:

1. The war took place in multiple locations, one locations being the Chesapeake Bay.

2. This war evolved from a conflict between the U.S and Great Britain.

3. Great Britain tried to make sure that Canadian land wasn't taken by the U.S

4. James Madison had asked the congress to declare war against Great Britain.

5. Some may say that the War of 1812 was the war where Canada and America went against each other.

6. The U.S attempted to "back stab" Great Britain.


After obtaining information from both the U.S and Britain perspectives, I would have to side with the U.S. The U.S had a valid reason to declare war upon the British. Who wants to be forced to do something, right? However, the U.S might have gone a bit overboard when they burnt down the city of Toronto. Meanwhile, the British did burn the white house though. In conclusion, I would side with the U.S because they had valid reasons to backup their actions.

5 Events within the War of 1812:

1. In 1803, the British want the U.S to join the their navy.

2. In 1812, the U.S declared war on Great Britain under the order from James Madison.

3. Great Britain attempts to limit the trade between the U.S and France. Along with that, they wanted to limit our (U.S) western expansion.

4. The U.S burn down the city of Toronto (in Canada).

5. The U.S invaded Canada and attempted to claim land/territory from Great Britain.

Groups in the war:

Canada vs United States vs Great Britain
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