Killer Earthquakes

Are you ready?


An earthquake is the earth’s tectonic plates pushing together causing the earth to shake. An earthquake makes the earth’s plates move and crack. When it cracks it is called a fault line. An earthquake can last a few days before it stops. A seismograph is to record the strengths of the earthquake. Over 7 points is usually very destructive and 4 or less are not as destructive. A fault puts stress on blocks and bends the rock.

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Earthquakes are one of the most deadliest storms. The most deadliest earthquake was in Shaanxi, in 1556. You can get a landslide and a tsunami in an earthquake at the same time. That can cause great damage and death. It can cause buildings to tremble and cities can be destroyed. Some of those happen on the west coast, Midwest and the east coast of North America.

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Saftey plan

Try to choose a safe place in every room. If an earthquake happens and you are in a room with no supervision you have some place to stay safe. Drop under something sturdy so nothing can fall on you. Bolt tall furniture to the wall and install strong latches so it does not fall on you. Take precautions and check for hazards before a storm strikes. Prepare a first aid kit and keep it close by. Make sure to stay indoors until the earthquake stops. When you are inside do not go by windows. If you are outside and an earthquake happens go to a place with no buildings. If you are inside sleeping hold on to something and protect your head with a pillow.

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Fun facts

Earthquakes occur more than 1000 times a day. An earthquake in 1201 has killed more than 100,000 people in Egypt. An earthquake has made the Mississippi river to flow backward. More than a million earthquakes happen each year. Earthquakes last not even a minute. The Midwest has the most chance of having an earthquake.

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