train track terror

Risk? Or reward........


The rewards of Eddie Palacios jumping in front of a subway train to save a complete stranger are that...

*knowing that people will remember you as a hero when you leave earth

*saving someones life so that they will live to grow old and see their family

¨they found this modest mans actions very extraordinary¨

"I know I'm a hero but I have done good for god".


the risk of Eddie jumping in front of a subway train to a complete train

are that ...

*one of the risks is getting killed getting hit by the train

''jumped onto the track and started waving his arms to get the train operators attention''

*the other risk is that you could get severly injured

"They both made it out alive".

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We thought that it was very courageous for the man to jump in front of the train because he would be considered a hero for saving someone's life, " Were it not for the actions of an off-duty Chicago TSA worker acting on instinct, this story would have had a much different ending". We also believe that is true because the lady would've gotten killed if it weren't for his brave actions. If he hadn't gotten on the train tracks, the lady would've been severely injured,or even killed.