Weekly Update

March 18, 2016

Next Week

Wednesday: Digital Citizenship Guidance Lesson

Friday: Celebration of Learning Day


Our field trip last Friday was absolutely wonderful! Thank you to all of our chaperones who were able to join us! The kids really enjoyed the aquarium and the bus ride! ;)

I hope you have heard about DreamBox! This is a computer math program CSES is trying out for the next two months. Students are enjoying the fun of computer games while applying their computation skills and problem solving! I encourage your fifth grader to show you the ropes on this game as well as their work on Study Island. These are low stress ways to get extra practice in! :)

This week and next, gears have switched/will continue to switch (can you tell we are working on verb tenses?) from science to geography. We will continue to investigate bodies of water and land forms and discover the importance of bodies of water in the U.S. We will also identify the geographic regions of North America. Spelling words this week were words that related to St. Patrick's Day and allowed us to investigate comparative and superlative adjectives. We upped our technology skills today...spelling tests were taken using Google Docs. (Spelling suggestions were turned off for the test.) Tell your kiddo to "check their google" so they can see their score...if their score is not on listed in the comments, they need to share their spelling test with me at arose@hcps.us so I can grade it! :) Next week, our list will be words that EXPAND VOCABULARY we selected while reading The Phantom Tollbooth. We upped our writing stamina this week with lots of journal writing...lucky, sneaky, tricky, superhero writing!

Students are finishing up a Superhero Element projects and everyone shared the Atoms We Eat projects today! The kids did an amazing job following the rubric! Speaking of projects and rubrics, we will polish up the rubric for the 3rd nine weeks book share on Monday.

Rose Math: Fractions and Decimals - turning fractions into decimals, finding the GCF and LCM of numbers...I hope you enjoyed the homework games this week.

Jones Math: looks like a lot of studying...quiz Monday and Thursday! :)