Noah's Ark

By: Parker Pearce 2nd Academic

Setting of Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark was said to be found on Mount Ararat (on right) by explorers. Mount Ararat is in Eastern Turkey, and while explorers were hiking along the mountain, they said they saw old-looking wood sticking out of the snow. In the Bible, it says Noah's Ark landed on an ancient kingdom called Urartu which is though to be Mount Ararat.

Unusual Things about Noah's Ark

Noah was said to build an ark 300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits (one cubit=1.5 feet). The length is a little longer than a football field, and it was built with gopher wood. The construction took Noah (and only Noah) three years to build. God told Noah that there would be rain for forty days and nights because it hadn't rained in the past. He also said that the flood would wipe out all living things with the "breath of life", so Noah would collect all of the species on Earth; seven pairs of each species would go to Noah to be put into the ark. This is unusual because all life would be knocked out and only Noah and some of his family would live, other than the animals. Water drenched the entire Earth, and it stayed that way for a few weeks after the rainfall.
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Modern Day Research of Noah's Ark

How come Noah's Ark didn't capsize on itself? How could it survive waves hundreds of feet tall traveling jet-like speeds? The Ph.D. holder John D. Morris says that Noah's Ark had a ratio of 6 cubits long to every 1 cubit wide. This is a basic ratio of length to width and is commonly known in naval engineering. Because of this ratio, the ark was stable and could withstand the harsh storm.

Theories of Noah's Ark

A British scholar found a tablet that is about 4,000 years old in present day Iraq. After being decoded, it said there is a sole survivor after a massive flood. This is nearly the same story as Noah's Ark. However, the Ark in this version is more round than rectangular, so this may or may not be correct, and the story of Noah's Ark.


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