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5th Grade News - March 18th, 2016

Upcoming Events

*Robert Crown Presentation - Tuesday, 3/22 @ 12:15-1:45 p.m..

*Famous Person report selections are due Tuesday, 3/22.

*Unit 9 Math Test - Wednesday, 3/23.

*Heineman Middle School Visit - Thursday, 3/24 from 10:45-2:45 p.m. Permission slips must be returned in order for your child to participate in this trip!

*Spring Break - Friday, 3/25 through Sunday, 4/3. School is back in session Monday, 4/4.

*PARCC Testing - Tuesday, 4/5 - Thursday, 4/7 AND Monday, 4/11 - Tuesday, 4/12. Please make sure your child charges their Chromebook and has WORKING HEADPHONES.....they are needed for the test!

*I am still in need of one more BOB Battle Day volunteer! If interested, please e-mail me asap. The battle is Friday, May 13th from 8:30-12:00.

PBIS Update


To prepare for the upcoming PARCC testing, our school focused the PAWS Pride lesson on stress and anxiety. We not only worked on recognizing the signs of stress and anxiety but also discussed coping strategies.

Literacy (and Mystery Skype) by Luke

Hi I’m Reporter Luke & I am going to tell you about Literacy this week. On Monday we read our story The Gymnast, Yeah not my favorite cover picture then we went over our Vocab Words & our Amazing Words. On Tuesday Mrs. Turk gave us our Vocab Slides & our Fix-its and she gave us a Fresh Read for the Orange group which I’m in. On Wednesday Mrs. Turk gave us a Who/Whom google form & she gave us a Video to watch and we write a paragraph on what we think it is about. On Thursday we did our Mystery Skype me & Matthew were assigned to be partners to put information on my Newsletter about the Mystery Skype, Here Is some Info of what happened: They are East from the MR, They border the Atlantic Ocean, They used a computer and they figured out that Anthony is in our class on a website called Today’s Meet.com, They are North of New Jersey, They Border Canada, and they live in… New Hampshire. On Friday we did our weekly online test & our CCR test on our Chromebooks. That’s it for this week! “ByE”

Math by Makayla

HI everybody! Makayla here, and today I will be talking about math . On Monday, we did lesson 9-6 and we learned how measure the area of a triangle. On Tuesday, we skipped lesson 9-7 and went to 9-8. Which is finding the area of a 3D shape. Then did math boxes . On Wednesday, we did lesson 9-9 and learned how to find the volume of a 3D shape.On Thursday , we learned how to convert milliliters to cubic centimeters and other conversions.Then we did some review. That is what we did this week in math . See you next week .

Music by Angelo (and update from Mrs. Crowe)

Hello, It’s Angelo. It’s been a while, but I’m going to tell you about music. On Wednesday, we had a substitute, and we had free time. We had the choice to use 3 things on our chromebook: Flat, which is what we use to make music or listen to music other people have made. We also used Mrs. Crowe’s haiku page to listen to some music from the 5th grade concert (and some other songs). The last other thing we used was Staff wars (you probably guessed what it’s about). Staff wars is about trying to find the notes on a staff, but it’s star wars themed, it gets faster as you go along. On Thursday, we practiced our compositions. A while ago, we learned this song called alligator pie, and we got instrument and played on certain parts of the song. We eventually played the song with rhythm sticks, and added to the song with our own section. We played the song in rondo form, which goes ABACADA. Well, that’s all. I’ll see you next time!

We are also talking about music opportunities at Heineman next year in preparation for our trip next week to visit the music department. See your child's classroom haiku or Mrs. Crowe's haiku for more information!

PE by Adem

Hello I’m Adem. This week I’ll be talking about P.E. On monday we did D.D.R ( dance dance revolution). On tuesday we had running day we had to run for 6 minutes then get and then you get a bracelet if you stop running. On wednesday we had to do a team building game where you have to get across the gym without touching the floor. On thursday we did another team building game we took a plastic ball and a blindfold and to throw to a target. That's it for this week in P.E

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Have a fantastic weekend!


Dana Turk