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September 10th-14th

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Ring Leader Tidbits

~ I hope you all had a great weekend! We had a HINT of fall this weekend, and it's continued on through today. It's definitely been a nice litter break in the heat!

~ We will have a staff meeting today at 3:00 in the library. This will be a safety training where we will review the protocol we learned in August as well as train on the CrisisGo app. All staff members need to attend. Please make sure you have downloaded the App and signed up. Kathleen sent an email last week with directions. Please bring your phones to the meeting.

~ Be on the lookout for an online form that I'm going to send out to each staff member. This will just help myself and Kathleen as we work to communicate with each of you throughout the year. We all learn differently, react differently, and enjoy recognition differently, and I really want to know how you, personally, like to be recognized and/or given feedback. As we work to create mutual respect among all of our staff, we, as administration, want to do our part in making sure we are reaching each of you in the appropriate way and taking the approach that works best for you as a person.

~ I will be scheduling a CPAC meeting in the coming weeks to review our Campus Improvement Plan. Team leaders, and specialists, be on the lookout for that meeting request that will be coming soon.

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School Bulletin

  • Shout out to Tammie and Kathleen for working so hard to get the parent academy up and running. They have had a great response to the implementation of the event. I know Tammie is still in need of volunteers, so even if you can only help out one time, we would GREATLY appreciate it!
  • TTESS conferences are starting this week. If you have having trouble finding the SLO forms in Strive, I sent 2 emails today with videos that should help. Please let us know if those don't help and/or you continue to have trouble!
  • CLC's are off and running. Please remember to double check that your sub position has filled. When it's PD/district training, we don't leave if the position goes unfilled. Also, if you are unable to attend a CLC for whatever reason (you all always get permission and talk to me beforehand), make sure to connect with another grade level who was able to attend. Especially in departmentalized grade levels, they often do the same activities, so getting filled in by the other grade level can keep you from missing any needed information.
  • Please turn in completed/signed parent/teacher compacts. I will need to file those, since it's a requirement for being Title 1.
  • We will have our first set of clubs on Friday, September 28th. I would like to survey the students to see what clubs they are interested in. This was suggested during our planning meeting at the end of last year. It might be something that would be easiest for the 2-5th graders to do. Let me know if you think your students could participate in a short survey monkey, so that we could gather some data. It might be a great incentive to do on the ipad once all of their work is complete, etc.
  • We will be starting Elk ENGAGE this school year. I'm going to begin this by calling all of our new students to Elkins (1st-5th). I want to do a personal call welcoming them to Elkins. I also want to invite the kids to have lunch with me and Kathleen, so that we can get to know a little about them. What I need from you, is for you to pay attention to the students who may need some additional help. Maybe they've come from a school out of state, and they may be a little behind in a particular area. Maybe you notice they need some social skills or some effective strategies to make new friends. Anything you notice from our new students, is something we can discuss in Care team meetings. We will take that information and work to create groups where the students can go to get some additional assistance, if needed, in particular areas. It's going to be a learning curve, and it's a new approach, but I want to work to make it something that will be worthwhile for our newest students.
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Elk of the Month Criteria

We are combining Great Expectations character traits as well as areas discussed in Positive Action to guide our Elk of the Month selections. These areas are also the areas that Tammie will be discussing in guidance lessons. They're pretty general, but we think that's what makes you all have some freedom and creativity when selecting the students.

Here is this month's focus:


Self Concept


self esteem







Monday, September 10th:

  • CLC: Reading 4th Grade (8:00 am)
  • CLC: Reading 5th Grade ( 12:00 pm)
  • Staff Meeting: 3:00 pm

Tuesday, September 12th:

  • Kathleen out in the morning for meeting

Thursday, September 13th:

  • Parent Academy 5:30-6:30

Tuesday, September 18th:

  • CLC: Writing 4th Grade (8:00 am)
  • CLC: Librarians (12:30 pm)

Thursday, September 20th:

  • Individual fall pictures
  • Kori off campus at meeting
  • Parent Academy 5:30-6:30 pm
  • PTA Meeting & Parent Information Night- 6:30 pm

Friday, September 21st:

  • Hearing/Vision Screening: Kg, 1st, 3rd, 5th

Tuesday, September 25th:

  • Tammie out at meeting

Wednesday, September 26th:

  • 5th Grade Science CLC (8:00 am)

Thursday, September 27th:

  • Lockdown Drill @ 9:35 (stay in rooms until doors are unlocked from personnel)
  • Parent Academy 5:30-6:30

Friday, September 28th:

  • Clubs!

Monday, October 1st:

  • All staff (REQUIRED) training on 504 at 3:00 pm

Thursday, October 4th:

  • Parent Academy 5:30-5:30

Friday, October 5th:

  • Early release for parent/teacher conferences at 11:40
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