Chinese School of Thoughts

Alexus Allen


The philosopher is Confucius and it is said that "The Government Should Lead By Example". You were told to respcet your elders, ancestors, and social superiors. There was the code of conduct and Five Relationships. It was also said that human nature is good,not evil.
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The philosopher was Hanfeizi he thought that " The nature of man is evil, his goodness is acqired". There were strict laws and harsh punishments, forced labor and greed was the motive.
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Taoism (Daoism)

This dynasty practiced Legalism Qin. Tao means "The Way" and there saying was " The best govenment is one who governed the least. Live in harmony with nature and the philosopher was Laozi.
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Buddhism in China

Buddhist stupa/ temples became improtant cultural centers. This had The Four Noble Truth and The Eightfold Path.
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