Caddie Woodlawn

By: Carol Ryrie Brink


Caddie Woodlawn is an inspirational story. She is a 12 year old girl living in a family of 9 and in 5-6 grade. this book is 275 pages long with 24 chapters.

Back in the pioneer days women are expected to be proper women, but caddie everything but proper. She's a girl who runs in the fields with her brothers, plays with Indians, plows the fields and beats her brothers dares.

important scenes

Here are some important scenes from the book caddie sneaks a way to save the Indians from a couple white men from killing them in a massacre

Here are some quotes from the book

1. "Teacher! It's a fire! it's a prairie fire. It's coming here!" 2. "Couldn't we ever come back to the farm?" asked Tom. "No Tom." "would we have to leave Betsy and the animals?" asked Caddie.

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