Pilgrimage Project

Destination... Norway

Why Norway?

I am a super ambitious person. One of my biggest wants in life is to go to Europe. For a long time I couldn't ever decide where in Europe I wanted to go. Then Ingrid told me about the gingerbread city that they do in Bergen every year around Christmas time.

When and Where?

It goes from November 22nd thru December 31st in Bergen, Norway. It's at a former public swimming pool arena called Sentralbadet.

Transportation and Documentation

I would be traveling by air. So I would need to by a ticket which would cost me about $1,500 round trip per person. I would also need to get an updated passport. Once I got to Norway I would either have to rent a car or take a cab everywhere I go as well.

Things to do

First of all the main reason is to see the gingerbread city. Then due to the time of year I will probably go snowboarding or skiing while I'm there. As for the rest I will just play by ear.

Other Necessities!

Things I will need for the trip will be a bunch of warm clothing, food and drinks, hotel, and lots of spending money. Another thing I haven't decided on yet is whether or not I learn Norwegian. I will more than likely travel alone, although I may change my mind over time.


Hotel: Around $175 per night. My goal is to stay for around 2 weeks, so it will cost about $2,500 for my hotel

Food and Drink: About $500

Plane tickets: $1,500 roundtrip

Miscellaneous: $1,000

Total: Around $6,000

Pepperkakebyen 2012 - Bilder fra TV 2 - Del 2 - The worlds greatest gingerbread city