All about Balize

By Maddie Agrusti.

About it.

  • Capital is Belmopan
  • It gained independence on September 21,1981
  • The official language is English
  • It's located in Central America
  • Some physical features are mountains,lowlands,and plateaus
  • Type of government is Constitutional monarchy
  • Dean Oliver Barrow is the leader.


The currency is a Belize dollor

The economic system is Enterprise Econmy

Fun facts.

  • Land area- 8,867 sm. 22,700 km.
  • There are more then 200 species that live in the water there.
  • There is around 900 Mayan cities
  • The tallest building in Balize is the Mayan Temple
  • The annual temperature there is 81 degrees
  • Transportation-highways,railways,waterways,ports and barbers, and airports