Classroom Redesign

creating a space for enhanced learning


The purpose of our request for a classroom redesign is rooted in our desire to seek improved workspaces that enhance learning. We want an environment that will allow for increased opportunities to practice 21st century skills -- specifically including collaboration and creativity. Finally, we wanted to create a space that will best help us when transferring our understanding in new and authentic ways.

We started this process by surveying students in the class to identify needs and desires of the learners who use the space. Students identified a need for varied work stations, including both individual and small group spaces. Furthermore, students expressed a desire for spaces to be "zoned" into content areas, aiding in the organization of classroom resources. Finally, students wanted a more comfortable and relaxed feeling to the room that included fun colors and comfortable seating.

After receiving feedback, Mrs. Kersey researched evidence supporting classroom redesign and the most effective practices. She utilized edutopia and edsurge as primary resources, but also twitter feedback from teachers who had previously gone through the process of redesigning a space for learning. This inquiry led Mrs. Kersey to realize the need for varied working spaces and zones that allow students to work individually, collaboratively, and creatively in many ways.

After this, the students and teacher worked together to brainstorm what the ideal space might look like. Mrs. Kersey focused on making sure general management and flow of the space would promote effective and efficient learning time while students sought creative new uses and "hacks" of spaces. We gathered ideas from some of our favorite places to visit such as Ikea, The Children's Museum, the Apple store, Starbucks, Urban Chalkboard, etc. We looked at images from these places and thought about how they could be incorporated in our room.

Below are the drafts we have created together for our "dream classroom", and a breakdown of the items we would like to include. We hope you find our proposal well-researched, well-planned, and well-created. It would be our greatest honor to be chosen to redesign our work space! Thank you for your consideration.

** Please note that a file including paper documents of this proposal will be placed in Mr. Haney's mailbox as well. **


Included in our proposal is a breakdown of the cost of these items and where we could purchase the items we desire. The items are labeled by number on the sketches as well.

1) Ikea Billy Bookcase x2 = $120

2a) Ikea TV console x2 = $140

2b) CB2 Floor Pillows x4 = $320

3a) Reading Tree = unknown cost, husband could possibly build for cost of materials

3b) Ikea LOVA Bed Canopy = $45

4) Ikea or Target grey chevron run x3 = $75

5) Hanging Chair = $40

6) Ikea PSLOMSK swivel Chair x2 = $140

7) Dining room table and benches = $325

8) RASKOG Utility Cart x2 = $60

9) Built -in Fish Tank = unknown cost, but highly desired by students ;)

10) Melissa + Doug Lego Table = $110

11) Curtain panels = $30

12) Fabric = $80

Total Approximate Cost: $1,485.00