Health and Safety

Declan Leister


We are all about health and safety in a gym you need to know how to use all the equpiment because if you need to get off the equpiment quickly and you dont know how to make it stop then you could hurt yourself because you dont know the equpiment that you are using.

Health induction

If you have had a heart attack or a chronic illness and you dont tell us then we might not let you join because you could get very ill or in a really bad case you could even die so telling us is something you need to do because we dont want to be held liable of you. If you do have a bad illness then the way we will deal with it is you will do something with less intensity or slightly more slower progressinon or a different type of work out

Area Risk Assessment

As a gym we need to check the area for things that are wrong eg. Glass, a wet surface or bodily fluids then we need to stop people go need it or clean it up because again if you get hurt then we can be held liable.

Equipment induction

As a fitness instructor i would look at all the equipment and see what is best for the client (you) and see if it is all safe. If it is good to go to make it less of a risk to your client. If your client was a 40 year old man then you don’t want to give him equipment that is going to be a risk to his life or that could make him very ill.

how to use some of the equpiment

When you come to the gym then you will need to know how to use things like the tredmill and the cross trainer. We mainly use the cross trainer for a warm up but it can be use as a work out if you make it hill intervals at a level 5-10 then that would make a good work out. The way you can use a tredmill is cardio but going at a slow speed for a long time or high sprint for a short amount of time