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Pancake Breakfast! December 22nd

We have all items we need for our Pancake breakfast!! I had some money sent in to help, so I am going to buy some milk, juice, and cups. If there was someone that wanted to help, but didn't respond quick enough (we have some quick parents-hahaha). We are also having a hot cocoa bar on Monday. You could send something in for that. You might let me know what you would be sending so I don't double up. I was planning on just paying for that with my own money.

I am blessed to work with such supportive families! I really appreciate everything you do to help your student be successful, and have a memorable final elementary year!

30 plastic or Styrofoam plates (Chantal)

30 forks (Chantal)

Syrup X 3 bottles (1 large bottle- Ava) (Katie X 2)

Pancake Mix X 3 (1 box- Abby) (2 Boxes- Katie)

50 already cooked sausage patties (I will put them in my crockpot)- can be broken up into multiple packages for different people to help with:) (25 patties- Ava) (25 patties- Isaiah) (Kayla)

Bannanas X12 (Jonathan)

oranges (Macie)

Butter and Peanut Butter (Isaiah)

Thank you for all of your support this semester. This is one of my favorite classes ever:)