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Only Three Days and We Still Rocked It!

This week we were ready for our TNReady testing. As we walked down to the computer lab, ready to take on the online testing, I was so very proud of how hard all of your children had worked to prepare for this rigorous testing. We sat down and tried to log on...and log on...and log on. Sadly, even though our students, teachers, school, and district were ready for the test, the testing platform was not. Because of this, our testing has been pushed back and has reverted back to paper and pencil for this year. Now this is both disappointing and exciting. It is disappointing because we have worked hard to get your children used to the technology aspect of the testing. This is exciting because typing was not really any third graders forte and so having the opportunity to really show what great writers they have become, rather than what great writers and typers, is a great opportunity for your children. Along with that, the testing has not completely changed to multiple choice. They will still be given multiple answer, short answer, matching and other types of questions. Again the good news is that in the world of English, we have worked hard to create these types of questions for your children. That being said, I know your children have really grown as readers, writers, speakers, and thinkers; I look forward to continuing to watch them grown, and I know that they will rock the up-and-coming testing which won't start for at least two weeks.

So Monday we worked primarily on social studies. Tuesday and Wednesday were snow days (which I know we all enjoyed), and Thursday was a two hour delay. When we came on Thursday, I only saw my homeroom. On that day we reviewed reading timelines in regards to social studies topics, we reviewed quotations marks in preparation for our CFA Tuesday, and we worked on identifying implied main idea of a paragraph. That means that the main idea was not directly in the text but needs to be identified by asking oneself what the overall concept of the paragraph covered. We practiced by reading two different paragraphs about wolves. We worked on fluency in small groups by reading these paragraphs aloud, and then we also analyzed the paragraphs for how they used commas to see if there were any rules that we had been taught that could be found in the text (i.e. commas in a series, comma and conjunction to combine sentences, commas with transitions at the beginning of the sentence). We will continue to work on this skill next week.

Next week we will be getting back into our Wonders text book and reading about voting. We will be working on main idea and supporting details, cause and effect, and vocabulary. We will also begin working on understanding possessive nouns. We will have word work and reading folders next week even though it is a four day week.

Social Studies

This week we continued to work on South America. We worked on a comprehension paragraph regarding South America. With Mankin's class, we also learned about how both rubber and coffee are natural products and saw the process of how they go from plant to product. Next week, we will be creating a South American map and reading more about it.

We also worked on our Northeast region landforms map. Our next quiz will be on Thursday of this week. Our final region will be our Southeastern region quiz.

Kara Merriman

Our Fun Run was Friday and was a huge success! We had so much fun raising money for technology (iPads and laptops) for our school. Thank you to all who participated and pledged money in support. Our class rocked it out! Please turn in your money next week.

Our Valentine's Day party was also a blast! We gorged ourselves on creatively designed cookies, passed out sweet valentines, and then created artistic heart shaped animals. It was a very fun and joyous event. The kids left today looking sugar glazed and happy.

Thank you for all you do and for all of your support! This has been my first year here and I am blown away by your kindness and generosity. Have an amazing three day weekend and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!