Saola Threats

Why the Saola is so endangered

Habitat Fragmentation

The Saola herd lives in the Ammanite Mountains in Vietnam and Laos. The Ammanites are protected, but the Ho Chi Minh Highway was recently built through the park. The new road has cut through the reserve, and is cutting the Saola off from precious resources. With their habitat slowly decreasing, the amount of resources the herd needs are dwindling from overuse.


The Saola is victim to poaching. Poachers set wire traps in the Annamite Mountains to trap Wild Boar, Sambar, and Muntjac Deer. The Saola will trigger the traps by accident, and are killed. This is a major problem, as traps are so frequently used in the Ammanite Mountains by Poachers. Over 100,000 wire traps have been removed from the Annamite Mountains.

Forest Ranger with Wire traps

Image: Saola Working Group