The land of knowledge.


Do you want to take part in your government? You can in Athens. Free Males 18 or older can take part in government. In Sparta they are foolish to put trust into 2 people. Both men could become corrupt and destroy the city-state! Here we have a balance. 10 judges and a council of 500.


Our economy focuses on trade and tourism. We want to please people. In Sparta they don't care if you are unhappy with the payment method! Well we do. The tourists bring goods from their foreign homes.

Values of Athens

Do you want to know our values? What we are proud of? Anything that involves wit and intellect. We value our temples and monuments. The wise goddess Athena is our protecter. She protected us in her fight with Poseidon. She also gave us the first olive tree! We also invented the Olympics.


Slaves you ask? Yes we have slaves but we aren't cruel to them like Sparta! Our slaves do most of the farming since most of our men are busy with government and political issues. They can also work as a clerk in an office!

Join Athens today!

Now remember in Sparta if you are weak they leave you out to die! We believe that anyone has the potential to be great. No one sees us as a threat because we don't conquer other city-states. If you want a life with peace, prosperity, and knowledge, join our city-state.