Anna Stevens


Music speaks to the soul .Mozart music was expertly great to listen to. From his early life to his death, Mozart was a fascinating musician.

Early Life

Central Europe in the mid-18th century was going through a period of transition. The remnants of the Holy Roman Empire had divided into small semi-self-governing principalities. The result was competing rivalries between these municipalities for identity and recognition.

Kind Of Music

Mozart was the first great composer to write music for the piano, an instrument which had only just become popular. He wrote almost every kind of music: symphonies, operas, solo concertos, chamber music, especially string quartets and string quintets, and the piano sonata.

Why Did He Die

The cause of death was recorded as severe miliary fever a vague description. Since his death, there have been countless theories as to what constituted severe miliary fever.

Greatest Accomplishment

From the age of four Mozart was taught to play the piano by his dad and could read music before he could write. Later-on he taught himself how to play the violin, trumpet, and clarinet.

Instrument Most Famous For