School Dress Code

Should schools have dress code or not?

I think schools should have dress code, but...

Most schools have dress code, but i think it's not necessary to strictly enforce dress code for our school. Our clothes express our personality, but little things that the staff in school catch for dress code is sometimes not needed to be pointed out such as showing our shoulders, shorts that might be an inch shorter than dress code, if your stomach is showing a tiny bit, having jewelry with chains or studs, wearing tights, etc., because most students don't really pay attention to stuff like that except to some adults they notice it a lot. As long as clothing such as shorts are bellow our bottoms and our clothes aren't showing any body parts that might be private i think showing our shoulders, showing a little skin, having shorts that are mid thigh or an inch or two shorter are fine for school, because it's not all as distracting and bad as some people think.