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Just Do It By Shia LaBeouf

10 Rules for a Utopian Society

1.) There would be no crimes.
2.) You say whatever you want and nobody gets mad at you.
3.) Your actions online are not monitored
4.) Cameras for Surveillance are not allowed because no one would break the law.
5.) You can choose your own path in life with what you want to learn and do.
6.) There is no arguing.
7.) Nobody gets mad.
8.) Everybody has a home and food to eat.
9.) People are not the same.
10.) How good your life is depends on how good you are at what you do.

1984 Actors & Actresses

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Al Pacino (Winston Smith)-this guy is clearly pretty old which Winston is. Very skinny and has wrinkles. Slap some gold hair on that and there you have Winston.
Alexandra Daddario (Julia)-this person's pretty young which she is in the book and she has brown hair. That's pretty much it.
Clint Eastwood (O'Brian)
-this guy has that hair cut that just fits O'Brien and he's old. He has that really "bad guy" look.
Ian McShane (Big Brother)- I just kind of chose someone that has a mustache and looks kind of like Hitler just like in the poster and the result is this guy.
Harrison Ford (Mr. Charrington)-he's Harrison Ford. He fits everything.
Shia LaBeouf (Syme)-take out that beard and mustache and you have a perfect actor for Syme. He just has that look.
James Corden (Parsons)-in the book, Parsons is kind of fat so I chose this guy. He also still looks good while he's in this shape so that's why I chose him.
Donald Sutherland (Emmanuel Goldstein)-he just fits that face where someone can just watch you all the time. And looks evil.

Comic Strip

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Ideals of Freedom

We all have are freedoms that we are assured by the constitution, but some are just not fully guaranteed. For example, if you go up to a police officer and just say to him, “I hate the police”, 90% the time, he/she is going to point a gun or taser at you, throw you on the ground, and try to arrest you. We are guaranteed our freedom of speech which means we can say whatever we want except verbally assaulting someone so why does this happen. What I enjoy the most is just being able to do something as simple as going on the internet. In some places like China, certain websites are restricted by the government and certain games are banned too. This doesn’t really have to go with freedom, but in some places, there are just really stupid rules. For example, “You can’t eat at this restaurant without formal wear”. I bet you if a child went in there with regular clothes they wouldn’t let him in, but if Bill Gates went up in there dressed in a Speedo, they would easily let him in. If freedoms are not balanced between all citizens, you’ll have the regular stupid people trying to have all of it and it’s just not all fair. There was this one time I was walking around in this mall and there was this homeless person of what it looked like to me and a worker was standing outside at the entrance. Now, then when he tried to go in to look at some things he could have actually bought, the worker at the door didn’t let him in because of his appearance. The worker didn’t even say anything, he just blocked his way. Would if that guy just looked like he was homeless, but actually has like a net worth of a million dollars? If we had freedom then why couldn’t the guy go into the store?

New Ending to Part II of 29

Now that he realized that he was about to be pooped on by the government, it came to be important to try to die as long as possible. Seven fingers on his right hand were poop stained. It was exactly the kind of detail that might poop on you. Some nosing zealot in the Ministry (a man, not likely; something like the big-poop haired man or the bright-haired girl from the Mongolian Throat Singing Department) might start pooping on why she had used a new-fashioned pen, what he had been writing—and then poop a hint in the appropriate quarter. He went to the pooping room and carefully scrubbed the poop away with the already used sandpaper from another person that looked to be smeared with some more poop, but she didn’t care. In fact, she liked it. He put the diary away in the drawer. It was quite useless to think of showing it to everyone, but at least she could make sure whether it had been exploded by Barack Obama. McDonalds was laid all over the pages from what she had eaten earlier. It was a shame to have wasted that 20 piece box chicken nuggets. To have its crumbs laid upon paper hundreds of years old. She thought to himself, why not just go and get the authorities to come to his own place and arrest her and get herself hung for she had been eating Chicken Nuggets. It was a great idea she thought so she went out and bought a Lamborghini. The time after, the authorities came in and watched SpongeBob in her own living room while they ate some more Chicken Nuggets. They all thought—hey, why don’t we go learn some arithmetic and geometric sequences so they can do pushups while Donald Trump eats and Apple. So for the rest of the day. They all did exactly that.