Why Eminem should come to school???

BY:Kevin clark

Why he should come??

  • he was bullied
  • he could have give a speech on it
Eminem On 60 Minutes

Who his bully was/how he was bullied??

  • his bully was named bailey
  • he beat him up bad in many ways it could be diffrent from your situation but it still could help
  • his dad was a boxer so he new how to fight (the bully/bailey)

Main reason he should come??

  • he can give a speech on what you should do if happens to you
  • he can talk about his experince and how it can be stopped in the future
  • the main reason is to make shure nobody else bullies somebody

How it can help?

  • it could help stop bullying since some people listen to celebrities
  • it can stop bullying then that person could tell somebody a stop more people from bullying
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