World War 1

By: Sam Byars


Texas was involved in this war because Mexicans wanted us land. so we sent soldiers over to capture a town and made the national gorde. and one man stole from the rich and gave the poor some of his steallings

The War Begins

many Texas wanted to join the war to end it quickly and a German bombed a Enlgand sub and a man tried to save a woman and child but died trying. and if Germany sent a note to England who sent it to the us and they said if Germans win they will capture the us and give the Texas land back to mexico

The World War Starts

The Problems

many people where sent to Texas and trained at places at fort worth and planes where used to a huge extent. and many woman where sent to used a nurse and African Americans were all signed up for the war and where sent out with little to no training and.


the civilians where used to buy liberty and victory bonds and donated a lot of money to groups that will help and support the war.

Time as a solider

The U.S. was in the war in actual combat for only seven and a half months which time 116,000 were killed and 204,000 were wounded.

The First War Ends

The war ended when Hitler killed him self and the Germans surrendered to the U.S. and they signed Treaty of Versailles witch gave up some of there land to surrounding countrys

German Punishment After The War

The Treaty required that Germany accept full responsibility for causing the war; make reparations to some Allied countries; surrender some of its territory to surrounding countries