Features of Civilization

Compare and Contrast

Technology, Job Specialization, and Writting

What we are comparing and contrasting is technology, writing, and job specialization. Technology has changed a lot over time. Examples of technology are irrigation systems,and wheels. Irrigation systems are used by villages on the border of the rivers. They carry water from the river, over to the crops in a quicker, and easier way for the village people. The wheels were a big help for the ancient people. They used to Cary everything from place to place. But they invented wheels to make it easier for them.

New technology examples are Computers, and Television. Computers are an instrument of technology which aids in the distribution of information, products, and amusement. They come in al shapes and sizes. They make finding information easier and quicker for the everyday person. TV's are almost like computers. Television is a system for transmitting visual images and sound that are reproduced on screens. It is used to broadcast programs for entertainment, education, and amusement.

These different time frames of technologies are similar, and different in certain ways. Some ways they are similar are they made life easier for the average person. They also created jobs for people. They are different because irrigation systems and wheels are outside technology. Though however computers and television are indoor technology.

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Job Specialization

Jobs have changed over time. Some specialized jobs are Artisans, Bricklayers, and Merchants. Artisans were skilled craftworkers. These people made pottery or finely carved or woven goods. The Bricklayers built the city walls. It's a specialized job because people in ancient Egypt didn't know how to do these things. People who knew how to do these kinds of things were seen as very talented people. Merchants sold goods in the marketplace.

Examples of Specialized jobs today are Directors , Surgeons, and lawyers. Directors are the head editors of a that organize the movies, and tell everyone where to be and how to be. Surgeons are specialized people who operate on people, they perform special surgeries to save a persons life. They have to go to extra years of school to study for this job. A lawyer is a job which specializes in aw, they are assigned a person and defend them in their cases. You also have to go to extra school to study for this profession.

These jobs are similar because they both are very important in their own times. They made good money. And You also needed to be skilled for the them. These jobs are different as well. For the Merchants, the Artisans, and the Bricklayers, for they were outside jobs. However the lawyers, Surgeons, and Directors are indoor jobs. Modern day jobs include more technology that we did not have before.


Writing has changed over time. Examples of writing in ancient Egypt are Pictograms, and Heiroglyphics. Pictograms are simple drawings that looked like the objects they represented. Heiroglyphics was a formal writing system used by ancient Egyptians that combined Logographic and Alphabetic elements. These forms of writing were written on wood and cave walls.

In today's society we use our own English Alphabet. There are 26 letters in the Alphabet. We write on paper, and type it on the computer. The letters in the Alphabet are pronounced as sounds that can combine, in order to make words.

These writing systems are similar because both forms of the alphabet can be written down. They can also be pronounced into sounds that when they are combined, they form words.

Each one was invented by and intelligent being. They are different because the Ancient Egypt alphabet looked like the symbols they represented. However in the English alphabet they are letters, they don't look like the object they represent. The way they were written down were different. Ancient Egypt wrote theirs down on wood or cave walls, and Today we write it on paper, and type it on the computer.