Friday the 13th of September (eek!)

superstitious newsletter

celebrating Carolina!

Carolina was our star student this week! She brought a cute poster and delicious cupcakes to share with her classmates. Thank you Carolina!


This week in literacy we continued to work on punctuation, capitalization and speaking in complete sentences. We also introduced story elements, and retelling a story. Next week, we will culminate our unit on grammar with an assessment. The students will be asked to rewrite sentences using capital letters, add correct punctuation to the end of sentences, and use capital letters appropriately.

Daily 5

We continued to build our stamina in our four components this week. We explored new materials in word work. Through manipulation of letters and words our students become stronger readers, writers, and spellers. They worked really hard and had a lot of fun!


We were exposed to the number grid, a tool that shows the numbers in order from 0 to 100. The number grid will be useful when we begin working with larger numbers. We also are beginning to familiarize ourselves with addition. This week, we began learning the sums to 10 through "penny fist addition." We got reacquainted with calculators as an extra tool for adding.


As we continue our unit on people this week we took time to focus on 6 specific stages of life. Thank you to all of you who brought baby photos! The students worked in small groups to guess whose photo belonged to whom based on characteristics that stay the same as we grow. They furthered this idea to project an older image of themselves and write about things that will change and stay the same as they get older.

Next week we focus on nutrition and healthy habits, and will finish our unit on people with a test on Thursday.

poet tree

Several of our first-graders had poems memorized and ready to recite to the class this week! They were excited (and often nervous) to stand in front of their classmates and proud to receive a sticker on their coconut. Thank you for practicing poetry at home!


MAP testing will continue on Monday and Tuesday.