Cloudflare Review

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When there is a technology offering both security and performance, it seems too good to be true. Most of us would doubt whether this is real or is just a hoax. Well, just to break it to you, it’s real. This new innovation pin pointed one of user’s top enemy, spams. From spammer destroyer to spy-like type of security, this definitely is a must for website developers and beginners.

Cloudflare review gave us ideas on the frequently asked questions about this innovation. Here are some:


· Is Cloudflare legitimate?

Yes. After 2009, they have managed to rise above its competitors and showed them that their newly elevated technology is top rated. They have helped several websites in the field of being user friendly for the surfers and promotion for being easily accessible websites. Not only it was easy for the users but for the authors and developers as well.

· Are there packages from cloudflare?

Yes. Cloudflare offers a free trial so that the authors of the websites could have an evaluation and assessment of this innovation whether or not this is the best for their site or not. Aside from the free trial, there are three packages to choose from based on the developer’s needs. One, is the Cloudflare Pro, second, is the Cloudflare Business and lastly, is the Cloudflare Enterprise.

· What are the benefits for me as a website author?

Cloudflare offers not only to speed up the visitor’s browsing but to secure the author with its excellent security feature. Once it detects any malicious intent like hacking into the website’s confidential information, it immediately blocks it. It also saves bandwidth usage for the developers.

When it is beneficial to both parties, then, what more could you ask for? I guess the only question you would ask is “when do I sign up?”