Food Inc.

Krishna Jani

Production Information

-Director: Robert Kenner

-Producer: Eric Schlosser

-Production Company: Participant Media

-Distribution Company: Magnolia Pictures

-Locations Filmed: North Carolina, USA; Nebraska, USA; Washington, District of Columbia, USA; Kentucky, USA

-Year: September 7, 2008

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~The companies don't want farmers talking, they don't want the secret to be told.

~The animals and the workers are being abused.


In the documentary, Food Inc., they described how and where the food that we blindly swallow is manufactured instead of harvested naturally. At the beginning, it described how the secrete of how they manufacture and produce food had been held away from the common customers because of the fear of the customers not wanting to buy the products after they found out about it. They proved that even though this maybe was true, it was immoral for the people to not know why there was new food born diseases arising. This was later discussed for the food plants to be held accountable. The animals are genetically engineered to be fatter and to grow faster that many of the animals are extremely weak and cannot live very long. They are also hundreds of the same breed of animals found shoulder to shoulder if they are lucky while standing in their own poop. The animals in the plants are being fed corn instead of natural grass. This very corn led to strands of new E. Coli 0157h7 that has caused many deaths in the US. Deep within the documentary, they talk about new GMOs being released back in the day and how most of our food now consist GMOs. This lead right into the topic of how certain companies have enough power to basically decide whether certain labels should be put on the produce in order to maximize sale. Companies have also been basically forcing farmers to buy new equipment and treat animals to animal plants instead of naturally due to the morality of making produce food faster, fatter, bigger, and cheaper. The saddest part of all was how the unhealthy foods like sodas and chips were cheaper than the healthy vegetables and fruits. This leads to a major problem for the poorer people because they would eat the cheaper foods that were not healthy. This is a major contributor in the answer of why the US is so obese. This film shares the hidden secrete to the world which could help many people realize what has been concealed from them and act to make the right decisions the next time they go shopping.


I think that this film was very persuasive and entertaining. It was also a very entertaining film and I was glued to it from the beginning to the end. I have learned a lot of facts about the food that we all blindly consume and am now able to think of food in a different manner than I have done so before. Some examples are of all the diseases that have formed from the way the factories process and treat animals. Also, I have learned the system in which the food plants grow animals in cramped spaces filled in their own poop instead of in the open grass plains. I did have a few questions about the Kevin Law and whether it might be passed later on in the future because that act would sure help us get healthier and live with safer food. I did do research over this act and nothing has been done yet to activate this idea. I think that this film has persuaded me towards it because of now knowing what has been happening inside of the plastic wrapping and to the know the story of where are how their journey took place until in our mouths.

How does this film relate to economics?

This film shows a Mixed economy because the government restrict the people while the people still have a choice of decisions. This form of government is located in the USA where the film was made and talks about. Unlike common Command governments, this government can actually have a say in the decisions of a company. In this film, there was the FDA. Also, the activity level was 1- agriculture and harvesting crop, 2- manufacturing the products and foods in factories, 3- services provided by grocers, 4- research and development of foods like GMOs in labs, and 5- upper level management by having big companies team up and friend with high government officials including the president.

Was this film biased? Does it present objective information?

Just like many documentaries, this film more than proved its point by becoming biased and one-sided. Instead of showing happy pictures when the animals are taken care of, they show how they are being mistreated to prove their argument. However, this film does not show objective information because for every picture or scene it shows, they show a reason of why they are showing it backed up with fact. In the end, the film can persuade many in its voice.


1) How have the new, deadly, strand of E. coli get form in our foods?

2) Why do the poorer people choose to eat unhealthy foods rather than the healthier options when they go shopping?


1) The new strand of deadly E. coli has formed by the all corn diet that the farmers in food plants feed their cattle. They did this because it is a cheap to keep their cows fed. The problem is that the cows started forming a strand of E. coli called E. coli 0157h7 that has moved from the cattle to its meat and straight into our mouths.

2) The poorer people are choosing to eat more unhealthy food such as soft drinks and chips rather than the fruits and vegetables that are found in the next aisle because they want to save their money, and the unhealthy foods are usually cheaper. This is a leading cause in why America is very obese.

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