The Ideal Partner of the World

The Ideal Partner I Would Want

Some qualities I seek in a partner

- Have to be as tall as me or shorter (not taller)

- Have to have an outstanding work ethic

- Gorgeous girl

- An impeccable personality

- Have to have goals to achieve in life

- Want to have a family some day

- Have to have a beautiful smile

Some Deal Breakers That Would Never Work

- Can not be all about themselves

- Can not be a gold-digger

- Can not be an alcoholic, smoker, or drug/gambling addict

- Cheating is a big deal breaker

- If you don't support my goals even though I support yours, it's a deal breaker

The Dream Date with the Dream Ideal Partner

My dream date would start by me picking up my girlfriend from her house. Then we would go out to dinner at a restaurant like Cowfish. Later after dinner we would go to watch a movie at a local movie theater. Then we would leave the theater and go to Goodberry's for a treat in the summer, or Starbucks in the winter and chat. Finally, I would drive her back to her house and text her later that night.

Ingenious Relationship Quotes

"Relationships are like eggs. When in trouble they break and lose their value." -Me

"Love is a promise; love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear." -John Lennon