Ancient Greece Sparta

: By Margaret Spear

What kind of government is there in Sparta?

The Spartan's government was an Oligarchy. Two kings council of elders. The councils included 28 citizens over age 60, presented laws to assembly. All Spartan men over 30 belonged to assembly. The citizens voted one the councils laws and chose five people to be ephors each year.

Why was Sparta's military so important?

Sparta's military was so important because Spartans thought that helots might some day rebel against Sparta. The government of Sparta controlled the people and citizens. Boys and men were trained to fight for the war. At the young age of seven, boys left their families and lived in barracks. The Greeks treated the boys and men harsh, so they would work harder.

How did helots become a thing in Sparta?

City-states in Sparta needed more land, but the people did not set up colonies. Instead, the Greeks enslaved others also known as their neighbors....When they captured who they conquered, those people were known as helots. Helots are the people who work for whoever captured the helots. Fun Fact: The word helots is originated from the Greek word for "capture."

What was a typical meal for Spartans in the military ? Where would they eat during the military?

The Spartans loved this dish, mainly if they were in the war. Military Spartans would eat all of their food and meals in the dining hall with other soldiers. A typical meal for soldiers, would be a vile tasting dish called black broth pork, boiled in animal blood, with a little salt and vinegar.

Was the government cruel in Greece?

The government could be cruel, but only if they have to. Just incase of anyone asking questions about the Spartan system, the government would ban foreign visitors. The government also banned travel abroad for any reason, but only military ones.

It even was bad for citizens working and studying on the arts and literature.

What did girls go at home while boys and men were at war?

While men and young boys were in war, the girls would trained in sports, for a example,

they were trained at, running, wrestling, and throwing the javelin. They wanted to stay fit so that they can become a healthy mother. Wives at lived in their warm home, while their husband lived in barracks in the military. Spartan women were freer than any other Greek women. They can own property, and go anywhere they desire.

How long would you normally stay in war?

At the age of 20 is when you start regular war. The men in the war would live in barracks for 10 more years. At the age of 30, Spartan men would return home, but stayed in the army until age 60. They still trained and worked on combat. Most of the time they army expected to win on the battlefield, or have the unfouranet chance of dying, but never to surrender.