Bucket List

Paul Wang

Sea Cliffs, Varadero, Cuba

I want to go to Sea Cliffs, Varadero, Cuba. I want to go there, because the water is so clear. I would really want to sea the clear blue water.
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St. Basil's Cathedral

I want to do to St. Basil's Cathedral, because I have seen the St. Basil's Cathedral in a lot of pictures. I really wanted to see this colorful building. It is located in Moscow Russia.
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Mount Roraima

I want to go to Mount Roraima, because it looks like your floating. I always wondered how it would look if a rock was floating. Mount Roraima is located in Venezuela
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The Wave

The Wave is located in Arizona. I want to go to The Wave, because the sand stone is all different stripes. I would want to go on one of them and act like I'm sufering.
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