Me, Myself, and I

Katelyn Smith


My family is very strange and loud once you get to know us. I am the middle child which I absolutely hate. I have 2 younger sisters (6 and 9), and 1 older brother (15). I live with my mom, stepdad, brother, and youngest sister.


I enjoy playing softball and volleyball, listening to music, and helping care for people. I really want a career in the medical field but I also want to be a professional softball player then start coaching.
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Personality Traits

I have a realistic and social personality. My realistic trait can put me in as a Emergency Medical Technician, truck driver, or private detective or investigator . The social trait can put me in as a dental hygienist, coach or scout, or personal care aide.


My soft skills are speaking, listening, and engaging in small talk. Careers you would need theses for would be a salesman, insurance agent, and beauticians. My hard skills are typing, reading, and writing. Careers for these would be computer technician, technical writer, and dentist.

Multiple Intelligence

My top three multiple intelligence are Kinestheic, Interpersonal, and Musical, meaning i can be an athlete, nurse, or singer.


My top three life values would have to be family, faith, and sports

My top three work values would have to be honesty, responsibility, and respect.

Career Cluster

The career cluster that aligns me is Education and Training like an athletic trainer, Law Public Safety and Security being a law enforcer, and health science being a nurse or doctor.
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In school activities are softball, volleyball, and choir. I love singing and playing sports.

Outside of school activities are hunting, working on cars and playing more softball.

Ways to improve

Ways I can improve in any way would have to be setting higher goals for myself, having better attitudes towards some people, and dealing with stress a lot better than what I do right now.


Things in my life that make me happy are my friends and family. If it wasn't for the motivation they give me I wouldn't be the way I am today. When I am upset about something or mad at something I take my feelings to the field and I play softball or practice.
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My Future

Someday I am going to set a record of the most people helped in a certain period of time. and if I don't to that I will play professional softball until around 35 then become an athletic trainer.