NASA voyager

Jonhes Keepler


Voyager 1 targeted Jupiter and Saturn before continuing on to chart the far eges of our solar system.


The Voyager discovered Saturen,Jupter,Neptune and Uranus.

Date's of discovorries

Jupiter/1610 saturn/1610 Uranus/1781 and Neptune/1846.

technoledgy used at the time

3D maps of the planets they discoverd,computer programed veicles,lots of camrers,ear peaces,portible cordless vacumes,DC-powerd air conditioners for engine aircrafts and much much more

what knoledge they made so we understand the solar system

voyager 1 and 2 discoverd Jupiter,Saturne,Neptune and Uranus and putting the planets in order from the sun it shows why some planets are colder then others.