by: Paul griffin


Matt and John went to Montauk for the summer to work and earn some extra cash. But when they meet Jojo, Stef, and Driana, Stef goes windsurfing at night and compound fractures her arm. Matt, John, Driana, Jojo, and Stef find themselves adrift in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, with no food, no water, no hope, no way to get home, and no gas in their small boat. who will come back alive!

quotes from the book

Matt: five of us went out on the water that night, none of us came back whole and not all of us came back. John: what do I say, that I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone, how would that help her or us. Dri: she was only one year older but that was a big deal when I was a kid she was my hero. Jojo: I just want to be with her when I met her I knew she was the one

rating and reccomendation

I would rate this book 4.5 because it was hard to understand some times. I would deferentially recommend this book.

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important parts

the most important parts are when stef and jojo die