Year 2 Newsletter

Friday 14 November 2014

What have we done this week?

  • Literacy: We explored leaves outside and made our own word banks, ready for writing our own descriptive poems in the shape of a leaf - look out for them on the corridor next week!
  • Maths: The children have had a range of practical experiences with both 2D and 3D shapes, exploring their properties and increasing their use of mathematical language in this area.
  • Art: Continuing to explore painting, the children have made fireworks pictures using layering techniques.
  • Science: Exploration of shadows, including transparent, translucent and opaque materials.
  • Topic: Thanks to the 3 mums who donated their time this week to create amazing Rangoli art and taught the children about the festival Diwali.


Open Morning next week - please feel free to come and see your child's work on Monday morning between 08.45 and 09.15. Parent Consultations are Wednesday and Thursday. Please do sign up for an appointment if you have not already.

Upcoming Celebration themes

Eid - 17-21 November

Chinese New Year - 24-28 November

Various festivals from the classes 1-5 December

Hanukkah - 8-12 December

Christmas - ongoing during December

If you would also like to share a celebration or festival from your culture, please email or talk to Ms Bintcliffe or Miss Macdonald as soon as possible.

We are also asking the children to collect small (palm size) pictures of 3 or 4 special celebrations they have celebrated in their life. These pictures will be used to create their very own 'Celebrations timeline'. The children have 2 weeks to collect these photos - by the week beginning Monday 24 November would be super!

They can bring their pictures in an envelope with their name in before this date, and they can pop them in their tray!

We are also going to be looking at the different ways that Christmas is celebrated around the world.


Homework for the next few weeks is as follows:

* Learning lines for the KS1 production

* Reading book

* Spelling Zappers

* Mathletics/RM Maths 3x a week

* Collecting celebration pictures for their celebration timeline (no bigger than a palm please)

KS1 Production - The Gruffalo's Child

The children have now all had their lines sent home. Should you lose them, please email us and we can email you a replacement copy.


We would ask you to provide your child with plain (no logos or pictures please) coloured clothing according to the list below. We will organise headbands in school to complete the costumes. If anyone has any spare clothes in the colours below, please could you also send them in (named) to help avoid parents having to buy new clothing where possible. Many thanks.

Narrators (trees): brown or green trousers and long sleeved t-shirt - any combination is fine

Squirrel: grey or dark red/brown

Owl: grey/brown/white

Gruffalo's Child: (light) brown

If you wish to hear the original story, this is a good link: