An International Singers Life

By:Claire Bogaard

Performing Etiquette

These are some tips to remember when your on stage

-Take them on a journey

-Make them "feel" the music

-Keep them in the mood ( make them remember YOU!)

-Be confident


Training Your Voice

There are simple things to help train your voice

-Just be yourself

-You have to train to excel

-Classical helps to train your voice(a vocal coach is recommended)

-Playing an instrument helps with note reading

-you need to regularly train your voice to keep in shape

Composing a Song

Tips to remember when you write a song

-write the song in stanzas

-write what you know about

-make it 'catchy' (so people remember YOUR song)

-don't quit on your song

-you don't always make it on the first try

-It's OK to need some help writing