8. Professional Development

K. McFrederick

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Ongoing Professional Development is very important to me as a lifelong learner. I am cognizant that student success begins with proper and adequate teacher training. I am willing to share ideas, express concerns, and contribute to discussions to make conversations more substantial with colleagues at the teacher, leadership, and district levels.

Many of my contributions are based on my knowledge of ELA Common Core standards, methods, implementation and strategies as well as my understanding of educational perspectives.

1. Personal Professional Development Plan


  1. Utilizing strategies for Active Engagement
  2. Questioning strategies in the classroom related to DOK levels

2. Ongoing Reflective Process

I collaborate almost weekly with Instructional Coach/Program Facilitator Tammi Bauschka on curriculum, lesson design, and post-lesson dialogue.

I keep and maintains quarterly journals that contain planning ideas, meeting notes, curriculum design, and lesson reflections.

3. Engages in Professional Learning

  • I have conducted PLCs on tech usage for teachers and students (specifically in a 1:1 environment) as well as using what I've learned from district PDs, and personal experiences to teach intermediate teachers the lesson design and structure for Close Reading.

  • I regularly curate teaching ideas and strategies on Pinterest.

  • I keep myself informed and up to date on educational practices through the Zite app, which is a great app which filters out blogs and articles online for me based on my interests. For me, these are specifically related to edTech and 1:1 computing, teacher-leaders, and Common Core techniques and strategies for ELA.

4. Documents Professional Growth

Aside from my quarterly journals, I have kept an updated folder of all of my PD hours including my hours spent writing and researching 4th grade ELA curriculum.