Baking Soda + Vinegar=LIFT OFF

Problem: How far does the rocket go with each vinegar?


I think that the rocket with five spoons of vinegar will go the farthest because the more the vinegar then there will be more of a reaction to happen then there is with two spoons of vinegar.


Dependent: How high the baking soda and vinegar goes.

Independent: How much vinegar goes into the baking soda.

Controlled: The container, the amount of baking soda and water.

Resources and Research:

The Experiment:


-Safety googles




-Measuring spoons (1tsp., 1/8 tsp.)

-White vinegar

-Baking soda

-Metric ruler

-(optional)Permanent marker

-(optional) Masking tape

-(optional) Construction paper

-Plastic film canister with lid



1.Place 1 tsp. of baking soda in a bowl

2.Carefully add 1/8 tsp. to the baking soda then mix carefully.

3.Put the baking soda onto the inside of the canister lid (if baking soda falls add more water to stick.

4.Record on data sheet amount of baking soda.

5.Add 1 tsp. of vinegar to canister until it is full (tip: about 3 tsp. of vinegar)

6.Record on data sheet amount of vinegar.

7.Go outside and put on your googles then put the canister upside down without the lid but make sure it is on a hard,smooth surface then backup.

8.Wait for the chemical reaction to occur but before it happens make sure you have a device to record how high the rocket went.

9.Record the height of the rocket then clean the canister

10.Repeat steps 1-9 two or more times but the amount of vinegar goes down 1 tsp


The results are that my hypothesis was right and wrong. It was half right because I said that three was the highest it would go but I was wrong because I said it would go three feet but it did not instead it went 20 cm.


My hypothesis was right and wrong. From the experiment I have learned that you can use baking soda and vinegars chemical reaction to clean things for example if you had a raw pot then you can use the reaction to clean it.