Joseph Stalin

Dictator Of Union Of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)

Yertle To Stalin

Yertle the turtle was obsessed with having power and controlling others. He thought he could control everyone and boss people around. There came a part where Mack, the first turtle of the thrown, and he begged so Yertle would let them leave. But, Yertle said no and acted as if they were creatures that don't eat and don't get tired. Just like Stalin, if you didn't agree with him, he would kill you. He thought he had control over everything and killed anyone who came in his way. For example, Stalin ordered the assassination of Sergei Kirov, a member of his Politburo, because he opposed his rules. That is somewhat the same because Mack was like Sergei. They both didn't agree with someone's idea and since they opposed the rules from someone who has more power, Sergei got killed, and Mack just burped and walked away.


Yertle Is The One On Top And Matt Is The Smallest One

Joseph Stalin

Stalin was the dictator of Russia and one of the most influential dictators of all history. He was partners with Adolf Hitler during WWII. Stalin murdered almost bout 43,000,000 million people of his own people and about 39,000,000 were due to lethal force labor in Gulag and thereto. (More than Hitler killing Jews).


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