Fragile Ecosystems

Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef is home to sea fanua and flora and some tropical ilands. It is 2000 meters long and 180 meters deep in some places.You can see it from outter space ,It's also the size of texes.It is 5000,00 old . It became a world heritage in 1981.They also made a marien park in 1976.The coral mostly covers the great barrier reef about 2000 kilometers, It is made of little sea animals called polyops.


It is located in north , east Australia in Queensland, where it can be quite warm. It is next to the Coral Sea.


All coral in Great Barrier Reef covers the ocean floor 0.17%. And the reefs builds atolls, the reason we have coral in Great Barrier Reef so the fauna and flora can have a home and so the can breath.The coral reefs and other plants treats is the crown of thorns star fish . It attacks other plants and all of them could die because of it. There is 300-350 plants.


There are 1,500 fish species living on the reef .There is 30 species of dolphins and whales.IT is home to many fish to live.The dungeon is endangered because the keep on getting ill from pollution in the sea.So is the sea turtle it keeps on eating plastic bags and choking and sea birds eat there young.

threats and dangers

crown of thorns starfish is it can kill plants and sea life.Fishing makes less fish in the sea and that can cause killing other fish in the sea ,pollution can make animals and plants ill and kill them.Visitors step on coral reefs when exploring and that kills them.

how to solve it

We can solve these problems by not letting boats with oil or gas sail the seas avoiding spilling,stop fishing and making sure people don't swim were corals are.


The Great Barrier Reef is home to all sea life and plants.It is in Queensland,With our help the Great Barrier Reef will last longer.


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