Learn more about this wonderful coast

How it started?

Cote-De-Beaupre was populated in the beginning of the colonization in 1623. Theres plenty of attractions like old ancestral homes, veggie vaults and the famous sugar shacks. Theres a lot of places to go in the Beaupre Coast.

Places to visit while your here.

Beauport- Was established in 1634. One of the oldest European founded communities in Canada.
Boischatel- Is located along the Montmorency
Moulin-du-Petit- Pré- Its a water powered flour mill. North shore of the St. Lawerence river. Been used to grind wheat, mill lumber, and cord wool
Saint-Joachim- Located at the foot of Cape Tourmente. Population in 1991 was 1,478.
Mont-Sainte-Anne et Côte-de-Beaupré: un air de famille!