5th Grade At Home Learning

Week of April 6-12

Weekly Welcome Message from Mrs. Wood!

Fifth Grade Welcome April 6

Office Hours for Teachers

Click below for a schedule of when teachers are available for office hours. During office hours, teachers can tutor students, read assignments aloud, provide clarification of assignments, or just check in with students. This can be done using Google Voice numbers, as well as video chats via Google Hangouts Meet. Codes for Google Hangouts Meet are in the link below as well.

Mr. Blaylock has office hours as well!

Updated Office Hours

Updated Office Hours for IWE Staff

Assignments: Week of April 6-9

All assignments this week are concepts previously taught, and should be a review for your student. Below is a SUGGESTED daily activity calendar. We understand that students may have different needs and availability, so this is just one suggestion for how to break up the assigned lessons for the week. Students are not required to follow this suggested activity calendar. All assignments are due by Sunday, April 12th, but please take this Friday off! No assignments will be given for this Friday! It is a school holiday! We would love for all students to complete their assignments by Thursday and enjoy the weekend!

***If you see Mrs. Mullenix for reading or math, scroll down to see your assignments from her for reading and math. Follow the below activities for Science and Social Studies.

***If you see Mrs. Goodwin for Gifted & Talented, keep scrolling down for her additional GT assignment.

***Parents of Speech students: Please check your spam folders for emails from the Speech Pathologist, Kristi Brashier.

Suggested Weekly Activities Calendar

Assignments are given for Monday-Thursday for this week.

5th Grade Math Assignments

Students will be completing assignments to review division. Log into MobyMax to complete your assignments, and check out the video and anchor charts below from Mrs. Durrance!
5th Math Week of April 6
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5th Grade Science Assignments

Students will be doing an assignment from Mobymax reviewing light. Log into MobyMax to complete your assignment and see a video below from Mrs. McCommas!

***Please note that this assignment (light) may have shown up in your assignments last week. Mrs. McCommas and Mrs. Durrance have rescheduled those assignments for this week. If you did them last week, there is no need to redo them. If you did not do them, please do them this week!

5th Grade Science Week of March 30
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5th Grade ELAR

Students will be completing assignments from MobyMax reviewing inferencing. See below for a video and some anchor charts from Mrs. Vandeventer!
5th Grade ELAR Inference Week of April 6

5th Grade Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, you will be learning about changes in industry and transportation. Please log onto Studies Weekly to complete your assignments and view the video and fun pictures from Mrs. Bolender below!
5th Grade Social Studies Week of April 6
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Mrs. Mullenix's Students ONLY!

Suggested Weekly Activities Calendar for Mrs. Mullenix

Assignments are given for Monday-Thursday of this week.

Mrs. Mullenix Math

In Math for Mrs. Mullenix, you will review division. Please log into MobyMax for your assignments from Mrs. Mullenix.

Mrs. Mullenix Reading

This week you will review key details and inferencing. Please log onto MobyMax for your assignments!

Mrs. Goodwin's GT Assignment-FOR GT STUDENTS ONLY!

This week find some recyclable item around your house and make something useful. Not only will you have something new, but you will keep trash out of the landfill. Take a picture and send me a copy. Log onto Google Classroom for more info.

Click this link for more info: https://tinyurl.com/sl6xma7

Click here for optional Boredom Buster ideas!

Engaging and creative ideas to keep having fun while learning for ALL STUDENTS!

Accelerated Reader (AR)

You can now access AR from home! This is an OPTIONAL resource that you may use. https://global-zone50.renaissance-go.com/welcomeportal/224643
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Follow the instructions below to use Google Hangouts Meet

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BISD Lunch Pickup Locations!

All BISD students are encouraged to pick up a free lunch and breakfast during At Home Learning, regardless of family income.
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