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Joseph Ferderbar ES

"SH" Day in Mrs. Cochran's class

Everyone quietly learned the sound of "SH"!!

Ms. Cwiks's Class

The students in A-9 are learning about inventions and inventors. The students constructed confetti launchers. We connected this experience to what it must be like for an inventor to build their designs. “One of the most important things I learned was that failing is part of being an inventor. It takes time to create something and get it right”, Umid said about the experience. Maxwell Angst was the winner of the launcher contest; his confetti traveled 15 feet!

Ferderbar Funtastic Spring Fair

Thank you to Mrs. Jen Arnold, the HSA and all of the staff and parent volunteers who made our Spring Fair a huge success.

Sciencetellers Assembly

Thank you to our HSA for sponsoring another great assembly program. Our students love Andrew from Sciencetellers.

St. Jude's Mathathon Awards Ceremony

Thank you to Mrs. Conklin and all of the students who raised money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Over $6,200.00 was raised. A special thank you to Raelyn Eisenhauer in Mrs. Osborn's class who raised over $900.00.

Author Visit-Tuesday, May 17th

Ferderbar will be welcoming author John Steven Gurney to the school on Tuesday, May 17th. Please watch for the notices home regarding all of the fun activities that will be taking place in honor of Mr. Gurney's visit. Included in that will be a fun filled evening of pizza, meet and greet and evening Book Fair. Thank you to Mrs. Linda Baker, Ms. Gerry Casterline and Mrs. Judy Culang for all of their efforts planning this fun event for our students. Thank you as well to our HSA for funding Mr. Gurney's visit.

Upcoming Events in May

May 3rd-4th grade Newspaper Students to the HS

May5th-3rd grade trip to the Aquarium

May 6th-Mother's Day Plant Sale

May 6th-4th Grade RedCarpet Event/Mrs. Cochran's class play

May 10th-Middle School orientation for grade 4

May 11th-4th grade trip to Philadelphia

May 12th-17th-Book Fair

May 15th-Skating Party

May 17th-Author Visit

May 19th-Spring Instrumental Concert

May 20th-Grade 1 trip

May 23rd-Choral Concert

May 25th-26th-Science Fair

May 26th-2nd Grade trip

May 30th-Memorial Day-District Closed