Factors in Supreme Court Nominees

Amy Jiang


Factors in Supreme Court Nominees by amylynjiang


  • factor that draws the most media and political attention
  • the president wants a nominee that has the same ideology as him/her
  • President want the nominee, if he/she gets into the Supreme Court, to rule in favor of the shared ideology of him/herself and the president

Senate Party

  • The majority party in the Senate could determine a nominee;s confirmation.
  • If the Senate is rules by the opposing party of the nominee, the nominee would have a hard time getting confirmation.
  • If the senate is ruled by the same party as the nominee, it would be much easier for the nominee to be confirmed.

President's Popularity

If the president has low or half-and-half popularity, pushing a nominee with unusual views can arouse opposition against the president and his/her party. This can lead to defeats in upcoming elections.