Willow Tree School

August Newsletter

Where Did Our Summer Go?

It is astounding how quickly the summer has raced on by. We have shed tears of both sadness and joy as we bid "farewell" to our graduating Butterflies. Many of them, we have watched grow since they were toddlers! We have witnessed them transform into independent, positive contributors in their community and could not be more proud of their efforts! Congratulations and the best of wishes to all of you!

We are also thrilled to get to know several new toddlers and a few students who have relocated to Petaluma. We are looking forward to their journey, here at Willow Tree and are certain that creating a strong partnership with our parents will provide the best possible environment for our students.

I would encourage each parent to take a look at our Parent Handbook as a refresher, while we embark on the new school year. We appreciate the support of our families in making the school experience a positive one for all of us. Many of the items listed in the Parent Handbook are truly designed with the children's best interest in mind. As always, please contact me with any questions about the Parent Handbook. Thank you for your cooperation. We are looking forward to a fantastic new school year!

Important Dates:

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Gymnastics: Thursday, August 7th and Monday, August 18th

Library Walking Field Trip: Tuesday, August 12th

Bring Your Bike/Scooter to School: Thursday, August 14th

Disaster Drill: Wednesday, August 20th

School Closure - Teacher In-Service: Thursday, August 28th and August 29th

What's Happening with the Butterflies?

As we say "so long" to our fluttering off Butterflies, we still have a lot of fun planned for the warm weather and long days we still have for the rest of the summer. Chick here ... to see how the Butterflies are keeping busy here at Willow Tree!

See What the Caterpillars are Getting Into

We have several new Caterpillars who have joined our program. If you've ever asked your preschool what they did at school all day, you will likely here, "I played". If that is the case, then we have done our jobs as masters of disguise. Play is the work of the child and we have lots of evidence of that. Click here... to see what has been keeping these cute little Caterpillars busy the past few weeks.


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Tips for Success at Drop-off and Pick-up