Third Grade News

What's been happening in January

Language Arts

Your readers are reading tons of nonfiction! The skills of previewing, predicting, summarizing as they go, and finding the main idea are becoming everyday habits.

As writers, we are wrapping up our unit in nonfiction writing and beginning to think about the format of opinion pieces: a bold opinion, reasons with examples and explanations, and a strong conclusion that spurs the reader to action!


As we begin the next unit on measurement, it is essential that your child gets lots of practice measuring things at home. Make sure you have a ruler handy that shows inches and centimeters. Students should be able to measure to the nearest 1/2 for both units and the nearest 1/4 for inches. Grab something off the counter and have your student measure the sides and calculate the perimeter!

Social Studies and Science

This month, students are looking at oceans and rivers in social studies. We are talking about how they affect the land around them by eroding some areas and depositing in others.

The next unit in science will be about the human body. We'll learn all about bones, muscles, joints and more!

Odds and Ends

  • If there are no snow days, the 100th day will be February 3rd... stay tuned for information on how 3rd grade celebrates this milestone!
  • Keep practicing those multiplication facts for our class quizzes!