"The Life of a Legend"

"The Father of India"

"The Father of India", who is he? What is he known for? Why was he named "The Father of India"? His fight for non-violence and peace created his incredible story.

"How it all Began"

Many people may wonder how "The Father of India" gained his name. The story doesn't start off in a very fancy way, but it is the beginning of the story of this incredible man's life. He was born in the city of Porbandar, India in 1869. His parents were devoted followers of their faith Hinduism. They taught the child Hindu beliefs and supported vegetarianism, non-violence towards others, fasting for spiritual purification, and tolerance of other heritages. Apparently they raised the child well because he went to school to become a barrister in London, England at age eighteen. After his education, this new adult went to work in South Africa. He got his first real taste of Indian racism which is what his story blossomed from.

"His Stand"

The training that he gained from his parents influenced this man to become the non-violent spiritual leader of the first half of the twentieth century. He became concerned with racial discrimination, taxation that is unfair to the people, and the colonial rule. This leader supported Indian Independence against the British, and he was put in jail because he protested peacefully. The British finally gave in and ended some of the unfair taxes against the Indians. The appeal of some of the unfair taxes was not enough for this leader, so he began trying to end the British rule in India. He began dressing in non-western clothing as a sign of his want to end the British rule. He was so involved in this that he began campaigns against British rule such as: the policy of boycotting goods made elsewhere, the salt march, and even fasting for the equality of untouchables. The British didn't respond to that very well. They put this leader as well as other citizens in jail even though he was released later on in his life. Although, eventually the British gave in and India was named an independent nation.

"Lasting Legacy"

Eventually, this legendary figure was assassinated in 1948. The name "The Father of India" certainly suits this incredible man well. A leader like this man has certainly inspired many people and will always be remembered. He might have been an inspiration for many non-violent leaders including Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and even Rosa Parks. To end the suspicion, this man's name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, but he is now just known as Mahatma Gandhi or even just Gandhi.

"Final Thoughts"

Mahatma Gandhi has sure done some incredible things in his life span, hasn't he? I'm sure that his story will inspire many other young leaders in the future because he really is an inspiration to most everyone.