Geometry B Syllabus

Ms. Cross

Course Objective:

Geometry B is a continuation of a comprehensive geometry course in which students work in an environment that requires free responses, allows for individualized learning paths and provides clear, immediate feedback. The course begins at the point in a student’s geometry studies best suited for that individual, and guides them through lessons until they have mastered the high school geometry curriculum.

Course Components

  • Projects (3): You only have to complete 3 projects in this course. I disabled the others, so you should not see these in the Course Player. If you need help with any of the projects, be sure you attend my sessions or go to the Learning Lab.

  • Discussion Posts (6): You will have discussion posts assigned for each unit. There are 2 posts per unit. This equals 12 separate posts. If you have an IEP accommodation for posts, you only need to complete 1 per unit.

  • Synchronous Sessions(13): You receive points for the following:
    • Attendance
    • Responsiveness
    • Individual Participation
    • Exit Ticket: questions at the end of the lesson that you email me the answers

  • Weekly Module Mastery (1-6): Each week you should reach the end of the unit. You MUST earn a minimum of 70% before I send you the passcode to the exam. You also need to have a 70% in order to move to the next unit. Aim for 3-4 topics mastered each day to reach this goal every week.

  • Exams (6): Exams are given once you have mastered 70% of the topics in a module (unit). They will test you over the content learned in the module you are currently in. You will need to request the passcode from me in order to take the exam.

  • Course Mastery: The grade given depending on how many topics you have mastered compared to the total amount of topics in the course. This grade may seem low at first but will increase over time as you master more topics in the online learning center every week.

  • Final Exam: You will take a final exam at the end of the course to test your knowledge of the entire course. You can receive one additional attempt if you do not pass the first time.

Contact Information

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM; Lunch 12PM-1PM

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