UniteWomenNC Meet & Greet

Attention Charlotte!

Interested in Women’s Issues? Want to become more active in your community by engaging with other feminists to end gender inequality and sexism? If so come on out to Amelie’s Bakery to learn about a fairly new organization, UniteWomen, and how you can become involved. UniteWomen is a non-profit organization that’s not only committed to changing the public dialogue on women’s issues but seeks to ensure that women have an equal voice in their community by providing access to social media and legislative tools necessary to address various initiatives that continue to encroach on the rights and freedoms of women. The North Carolina chapter of the organization is looking for committed, resourceful and active volunteers to help bring a strong, feminist presence to the state. If you are interested in activists and grassroots work involving gender equality than please come out and hang with other feminists in the area! This event will be free and anyone is welcome to come so spread the word!

UniteWomen-NC Meet & Greet

Wednesday, Feb 20th, 5:30-7pm

2424 N. Davidson Street/330 South Tryon



Is a national non-partisan grassroots organization whose mission is to end inequality for women. The organization will accomplish this by providing voter education and facilitating the mobilization of individual states and a nationwide voice, through our membership, to protect and advance women’s rights.