Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * September 8th

Welcome to 2R

Each new school year is fresh start. It is filled with will excitement, expectations, new and fun supplies, and unlimited possibilities. Although the students may be a little nervous for Second Grade, it will be a learning adventure filled with knowledge, challenges, projects, homework, and lots of good times. "Here's to a wonderful year"

Please help me welcome our new friend, Nicholas Bleckley and his family to our Stoy School family. I am happy to have him in our class. 2R is very fortunate to have Mrs. Goldberg, a school volunteer, with us three afternoons each week. She is a wonderful, kind, and caring addition to our class.

We will start each day with new Read Aloud. This will allow our class time to ease into the day, provide endless teaching opportunities, and time to model and practice many reading strategies. The students will then jump into our Morning Meeting. During this time, students will participate in a Greeting where every child will be greeted in a specific, positive way. They will also take part in a Verbal Share, Activity, and Morning Message. The purpose of the Morning Meeting is to set a positive tone for the day and to provide a sense of recognition and belonging. We use each student’s name and practice hospitality and kindness. This week, our greeting will be “Ball Toss", our Verbal Share will be an “Around the Circle", and our activity will be “Buzz". Each activity requires the class to work together to achieve a goal. Our morning messages will focus on our friends, classroom and expectations for the year. Be sure to ask your child about our Morning Meeting each day!

Each week, I will do my best to keep you, the parents of 2R, informed about what is going on during our school day. If for any reason you do not receive the weekly Sneak Peek, it will be posted on my website:
However, no matter how many times I reread the "Sneak Peek", I anticipate there may be some schedule changes or errors that I did not catch. My apologies in advance and I will do my best to correct it the following week.

Establishing Rules & Literacy

During the first two weeks of school we will be spending time creating classroom, behavior, and learning expectations. Establishing these early will foster a safe and strong learning environment for the whole year.

The students will revisit the Daily Five from first grade and learn the second grade expectations for Read to Self. This process includes how to use our library, how to choose the best spot to read and how to build reading stamina. The students will also be introduced to how to choose a “Good Fit” book, using the I PICK strategy. (see photo)

Our CAFÉ Menu will be introduced and the students will learn and practice the first three reading strategy of the year: We will certainly read wonderful books together and have whole class discussions about each book. In writing, each student will complete a non-fiction poster describing themselves.

On Friday, we will launch into the second grade Writer’s Workshop. The writing center will be presented and the students will be reminded how to use and take care of all materials. The students will begin writing in their Writer’s Notebook. They will create a memory string, similar to one we will read about in the book The Memory String. Their personal memory string will be used to develop and write a story. They will also begin to learn how to carry on as an independent writer.


This year I am one of many teachers piloting one of two new math programs. In 2R, we will using the newest edition of Everyday Math. There are some changes from the previous version, but we will navigate it together. Sometime in early Spring, I will ask you for some feedback as Parents.

By the end of this week, the students will be more familiar with placement of and use the math tools they will have access to this year. In addition, they will learn the daily routines that will be done at the beginning of each Math lesson. A Beginning of the Year Assessment will be given to provide information regarding individual student strengths and needs. I will use this information to create differentiated groups to better meet the students at their academic level.

Social Studies

The first half of each marking period will be reserved for Social Studies and we will focus on Science in the second half. We will begin Social Studies by creating our classroom rules and procedures. We will also review Stoy School rules and the Character Counts Program. Our first Social Studies Unit is “Living in a Community.” We will learn the definition of community, and the need for rules within a community. We will also learn about the responsibilities of citizens in a community. Each student will receive an Activity Book to work in and support class lessons.


  • September 9 - 1st Day Packets due
  • Please remind your students to write their name and number on all assignments
  • September 23rd - No School, Yom Kippur
  • September 24th - Book Orders Due
  • Our 5th Grade Ambassador is Sara Wiedeman

Happy Birthday!

Cameron Spencer - September 3rd
William Ierley - September 6th
Molly Weller - September 28th