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In one moment it is over. In one moment it is gone. The morning grows thin, gray and our lives how they were have vanished. Our lives have changed when I walk in on Lizzie my sister holding a shotgun.

Book Review by DeNae' Landrum

Sisters, suicide, and secrets. Lizzie and Hope are sisters. They're a year apart. Lizzie's job is to take care of Hope. Hope's job is to take care of Lizzie. Always. The one time Hope wasn't there, changed Lizzie for the worst. She was never the same after that day.

Hope's life was turned upside down after Liz was institutionalized. And with Liz gone, Hope was felt alone to figure out Liz's secret. Will Hope find out the truth? Can she save Liz? Is Liz going to take her secret to the grave, as she plans? If you'd like to figure out these question then I highly recommend this book. Especially, if you love plot twists and revenge. This book is absolutely amazing and will blow your mind. Anyone can read it.

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